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Our umbrella brand story: YUMENG

My name is Aiming and I would like to introduce my work a little bit. But first I would like to thank you for your time to visit my websites, and I hope you will enjoy your visit!

Why I have decided to sell umbrellas?

I have been in the e-commerce business for a long time and I really like it. I love to choose the items to sell, to build the websites, to choose the designs and everything about e-commerce.

My family business. Two years ago, I took over the umbrella business from my family. Our family has a factory that has been making umbrellas for more than 500 years. We have been engaged in umbrella production since the 15th century. I am proud to inherit this business now.

Our umbrella brand story: YUMENG

During my research for another group of products, I could offer, I have realised there are not a lot of specialized e-commerce websites for umbrellas, although there are so many different types of them. For example – did you know there are Captain America designed umbrellas? Or Little prince designed ones for young women and kids? I was on the same page and I have to say I am absolutely amazed at what is offered currently on the internet in relation to such a common product as an umbrella.

Our umbrella brand story: YUMENG

Why you should you give thought to which umbrella you choose?
So far a lot of people only care about choosing a quality umbrella, which will cover them and their clothes during rainy days. But, what if I told you that you might even wish it would rain after you pick a fancy umbrella you really enjoy having? I hope I will offer you something interesting and beautiful. And if anything is missing, which you would appreciate, you could definitely let me know in the comment section and I will be thrilled to find a proper product for you!

Let me wish you fun during your search for the ideal umbrella and thank you again for visiting my website!