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How do I choose a patio umbrella?

How do I choose a patio umbrella?

The hot summer is coming again. Are you prepared for those who are afraid of being exposed to the sun? Many women especially dislike the summer sun. Long-term exposure to the sun will cause great damage to the skin. At this time, you should have a parasol. So what should you do? How about choosing a parasol?

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  Speaking of parasols, then you must understand two technical terms called UPF and UVA.

  1. UPF refers to UPF refers to “the ratio of the average effect of ultraviolet radiation calculated when the skin is not protected to the average effect of ultraviolet radiation calculated when the skin is protected by fabric”.

   2. UVA ultraviolet rays are classified into UVA, UVB, UVC and UVD. Among them, UVC has been absorbed and scattered by the ozone layer in the atmosphere because of its short wavelength, so it cannot reach the ground. The wavelength of UVB is among the three, and the wavelength can only reach the epidermis of the skin, while UVA with a longer wavelength will penetrate deep into the skin, damage the dermis layer of the skin, and cause skin aging.

   If the measured value of UPF is greater than 40, and the transmittance of UVA is less than 5%, the mark is: UPF40+

   If the measured value of UPF is greater than 50, and the transmittance of UVA is less than 5%, the mark is: UPF50+

   A qualified parasol must have at least the logo: UPF40+; Banana Umbrella in Hong Kong uses the highest specification UPF50+ to block the UVA in the ultraviolet rays.

   By the way, add: The classic Black Hole in Banana Umbrella is still a double-layer umbrella.

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   Choose a parasol with a thick surface

The role of the parasol is to block the ultraviolet rays in the sun. Therefore, if you want to get effective protection when you go out, you should choose a parasol with a thicker surface and a denser between arts and sciences, so that it has the effect of resisting ultraviolet rays. Real protection. It is best not to buy a parasol with a thin surface, otherwise it will not be effective.

   pay attention to the material of the parasol

   Whether the parasol can really block the ultraviolet rays is mainly determined by the composition of its material. Therefore, in the process of purchasing, you must be optimistic about the material of the parasol. It is very useful to purchase it again. Some experts said that parasols made of polyester materials have a better shielding effect than parasols made of cotton and linen. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the composition of the parasol.

   choose the right color

   Many people choose the more beautiful parasols, especially women, who like to hold a beautiful parasol and wear skirts in the summer, which is very elegant. If the color of the umbrella is dark, it is fine, but if the color of the umbrella is very light, the effect of blocking ultraviolet rays is not very good. So when choosing, try to open the umbrella as much as possible, and then look at the shade of the color, try to choose a darker umbrella surface.

  Don’t choose cheap parasols

   There are many brands of parasols on the market, and some people will choose cheap parasols. In fact, this is not good. Low-priced umbrellas have lower costs, and the natural protection effect is not very good. Therefore, when shopping, try to choose the higher price and choose the famous brand umbrella.

   Check if there is a protection index level

Parasols are different from ordinary umbrellas. Their main function is not to block the umbrella, but to block the ultraviolet rays in the sun. Therefore, there will be some protection indicators. When you buy it, check whether there is such a mark. If not, it is Do not buy, because it does not meet the standard, and may not be effective in the use process.

   Try not to choose a sunny umbrella

  Some manufacturers claim that their umbrellas can be used as parasols and umbrellas. It is very convenient to use, and very affordable, and can be used as an umbrella. In fact, this is not possible. Parasols and umbrellas have different functions, and the materials are naturally different. Generally, the sun umbrellas on the market do not have strong UV protection. Umbrellas that have covered the rain are hard to block ultraviolet rays if they are used to shade the light.

   Try to choose a parasol with a large umbrella surface

   Now when I go out to sunscreen, many people not only use parasols, but some also wear sunscreen clothing, because parasols can only cover the position of the head, and sometimes the hands will still be exposed to the sun. Therefore, when purchasing, you should choose a parasol with a larger umbrella surface, so that you can cover it more comprehensively and you can be fully protected.

  How to choose a sun umbrella correctly?

   One, pay attention to the ultraviolet reflection of the sun umbrella

In principle, sun umbrellas made of dark materials are less likely to transmit ultraviolet rays than sun umbrellas made of light-colored materials. However, related tests have found that the color of the umbrella surface has little effect on the protection effect. The deep umbrella has almost the same indicators such as the transmittance of ultraviolet B. Therefore, the color depth will not affect its resistance to ultraviolet rays.

   2. Pay attention to the inner color of the umbrella

   When many people buy a sun umbrella, they wonder whether the color of the surface is good or not, but the inner color of the sun umbrella is also closely related to its efficacy. If the inside of the umbrella is shiny, light-colored, it is easy to collect the ultraviolet light reflected from the ground, so that people will be tanned even if they wear the umbrella. Therefore, when people who are afraid of tanning choose sun umbrellas, they should pay attention to choosing dark products such as black or cyan interior.

   Three, pay attention to the umbrella bone

   In addition to the common straight and three-fold umbrellas, the UV-resistant umbrella has also introduced a four-fold umbrella, which is more convenient to carry. Umbrella ribs account for a large proportion of the production cost of umbrellas, so pay attention to picking ribs when buying umbrellas.