best original inverted umbrella

best inverted umbrella,original inverted umbrella。What is an inverted umbrella?The inverted umbrella is different from the ordinary umbrella. The inverted umbrella is also the reverse umbrella, which is the opposite of the normal umbrella opening method.

best original inverted umbrella

  Best Reversible Umbrellas to Save for a Rainy Day。

  What is a Reversible Umbrella?

  A reversible or inverted umbrella has a unique mechanism on the handle that allows it to open and close either inward or outward. This keeps the dry side always on the outside, which in turn prevents water from spilling when it’s time to put the umbrella away. Reversible umbrellas are also windproof so they won’t easily break or fall apart on breezy days.

  What Are the Best Reversible Umbrellas?

  Are you convinced that inverted umbrellas are amazing? You can’t go wrong with any of the reversible options featured below. Not only are they fashionable and functional, but they can also be custom printed with your text, design, or logo.

  Here are the best reversible umbrellas to grab on a rainy spring day!

  1. Single Color Inverted Umbrella

  When it comes to umbrellas, the best ones are accessories for your most stylish outfits. Intricate patterns like swirls or polka dots on the canopy are fun and all, but there’s something classy about opting for a simple, solid color instead. The inverted umbrellas featured here have a simple, muted palette that look professional when you carry them into work on a rainy day.

  2. Two Tone Reversible Umbrella

  Look up and see your favorite color by using a two tone inverted umbrella. The reversible canopy has one color on the top and a different one underneath. This is a trendy look that is sure to look great with your rain jacket and boots! It’s also a particularly wonderful choice if you’re trying to match your wedding or logo colors.

  3. Reflective Inverted Umbrella

  Lightning is flashing through the sky, but you’ll have your own glow with this reflective umbrella. The edge of the canopy has a shiny lining that looks like twinkling stars in the night sky! Grab these umbrellas in bulk if you need safety items for a hike through a dark forest perverse, or if your class is taking a spring field trip to a rainy state like Washington or Louisiana.

  4. Striped Reversible Umbrella

  Fashionistas will love these trendy inverted umbrellas! The top of the canopy is black, while the bottom is striped in black and white. Print your custom logo or design in an ink color that will pop against the dark background like teal, hot pink, orange, or violet.

  5. Cloud Pattern Reversible Umbrella

  Are you dreaming of blue skies? Take shelter under a reversible umbrella with a cloud pattern at the bottom of the canopy. These umbrellas are particularly wonderful Easter gifts, or as giveaways for kids at outdoor fairs or festivals. They’ll be a pleasant reminder that good weather is just around the corner!

  6. Iridescent Reversible Umbrella

  If you need gifts or favors for teenagers, you can’t go wrong with these iridescent umbrellas. Turn them inside out, and you’ll see a radiant mix of shimmery blues, greens, and purples. Plus, the c-handle fits easily in the palm of your hand and is easy to hang on a hook for storage later!

  7. Plaid Reversible Umbrella

  Plaid is a classic pattern that fits any vibe, whether your look is 90’s grunge or preppy chic (think Cher in the movie Clueless). Bands, schools, and fashion stores can get a ton of value from reversible umbrellas with a hint of plaid under the canopy. The red plaid in particular is a wonderful choice if you need custom Christmas gifts.

  8. Neon Inverted Umbrella

  It’s hard to miss these neon reversible umbrellas! They provide a little bit of brightness on dreary, gray days. Choose from a variety of fluorescent shades including royal blue, lime green, orange, and fuchsia. You’ll love using these inverted umbrellas not only to hide from the rain, but also as a way to get shade on a hot summer’s day!

  9. Heathered Reversible Umbrella

  Stick with a classic by covering up with a heathered umbrella. Not only are these reversible umbrellas textured at the top, but they’re also insanely large. They provide a wonderful layer of protection if you’re dining at an outdoor restaurant and want to cover the table, or are hosting a picnic on an overcast day and don’t want your blankets to get wet.

  10. White Bottom Inverted Umbrella

  You’ll be pretty as a picture if you use this umbrella! The white bottom looks like a lily flower when you turn it inside out! The canopy, meanwhile, has a pristine, delicate look that will look wonderful in wedding photos, or if you’re taking professional pictures in a park.

  11. Tan Bottom Inverted Umbrella

  Do you need bulk Father’s Day gifts? Every dad and grandpa on your list will love these personalized umbrellas! The neutral colored canopy with a tan bottom is a refined combo that isn’t overly flashy, but is still modern and sleek.

  Are Reversible Umbrellas Better?

  The umbrella you use is a matter of preference, but there are many benefits to using a reversible umbrella. They can be better on a rainy or windy day as they won’t break and won’t get water on the floor when you open and close them.

  Here are all the benefits in using reversible umbrellas:

  Opens and closes in reverse, which keeps the dry side on the outside

  Water won’t drip off the canopy when you close the umbrella after use

  Doesn’t get destroyed by strong winds (windproof)

  Has an automatic opening and closing mechanism on the handle

  Less cumbersome to carry than regular umbrellas

  Comes in a variety of stylish colors and patterns

  With inverted umbrellas, there’s less mess and it’s easier to store them away without getting anything wet. Plus, you don’t have to worry about strong winds destroying the canopy, which is a common problem with standard umbrellas.

  Keep in mind, these reverse umbrellas might have a higher price tag, but it’s worth it for the convenience they offer. You’ll have accessories that will always keep you covered and won’t get your car or house wet after use.

  Final Thoughts

  You’ll literally turn things upside down if you start carrying reversible umbrellas! They’re unique gifts for a variety of occasions like holidays and weddings, and ultimately, will make your life way easier during bad weather.

  Save the umbrellas suggested here for a rainy day! You’ll be happy to have the shelter and even happier to have a dry umbrella that you can put away when the sun comes back out.